How many times do you say I had a little whipped cream for coffee, milkshake, ice cream, souffle, or to garnish any treat? But download mixer wash parts all this is a nuisance!

It can certainly be done by hand with a wire in a bowl, but he wants strong hands to hit.

So how do I easily make whipped cream without a mixer? Do you have a jar with a lid?

The easiest way to make whipped cream without a mixer, is a jar with a lid that closes tightly!

To beat the whipped cream, the cream must be 35% fat and frozen in the refrigerator.

Fill the clean dry jar halfway with the cold cream with 35% fat.

Seal with the lid and beat it like a shaker by hand.

After 2-3΄ you do not believe the result.

This way and without effort you will always have whipped cream to garnish your drinks, fruit salad, ice cream or sweets.

You can add a little icing sugar, liqueur or vanilla. You can give the easy whipped cream whatever flavor you want and even whatever color you want by adding pastry color.

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