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Garlic, Pea & Parmesan Crostini

Crostini, made with olive oil, follow the beneficial Mediterranean diet rule for a starter or snack. Olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturates and vitamin E. Add lots of vegetables to the toppings for extra antioxidant nutrients.


Crispy Potato Skins

By using the oil-water spray, these potato skins become a really low-fat snack compared to the conventional version which is usually topped with crispy bacon and cheese and smothered in sour cream.


Speedy Mediterranean Pasta

Tomatoes are a good source of the ACE vitamins and a major source of lycopene, a carotenoid antioxidant. Although present in raw tomatoes, lycopene is more readily absorbed from processed tomatoes such as canned chopped tomatoes.


Fennel & White Bean Soup

When choosing canned vegetables, go for the ‘no added salt’ varieties. If these aren’t available, rinse and drain vegetables such as beans and sweetcorn. This removes some but not all of the salt.


Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash is a large, pear-shaped squash with a hard, inedible rind, orange flesh and a slightly sweet, buttery and nutty flavour – hence the name! It is high in antioxidant vitamins, especially beta-carotene, which gives it its lovely colour. Squash is a versatile vegetable and can be roasted with olive oil and thyme or...


Spicy Lentil & Tomato Soup

All pulses – beans, peas and lentils – are high in soluble fibre, which is good for cholesterol reduction. They also add satisfying power to a soup, and this lentil soup is particularly filling!


Red Pepper & Spring Onion Dip With Vegetable Batons

This soya dip will provide you with 2 g soya protein. Research has shown that a daily intake of 25 g soya protein per day can significantly reduce total as well as LDL cholesterol (the ‘bad guy’) as part of a healthy diet.


Tahini Hummus

This hummus recipe is low in fat because it is oil free. Tahini is used instead of the customary olive oil and the final product is smooth, lemony and light. Accompany the hummus with the suggested pitta bread crisps instead of normal crisps and see what a saving you can make: Pitta Bread Crisps (per...


Smoked Mackerel And Chive Pâté

Of all the oily fish which are readily available, mackerel is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, so enjoy it in all its many forms – fresh, canned or smoked. It is also one of the least expensive oily fish.

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