2 eggs
1 litre /1 3/4 pints Vegetable Stock
cream of vegetable soup
butter, for greasing salt and pepper


1.This is a basic recipe for various different royales-soup garnishes - each named according to the type of cream of vegetable soup chosen (pea, asparagus, carrot, etc.).
2.Beat the eggs with salt and pepper to taste. Add 200 ml/7 fl oz of the stock, a little at a time, followed by the cream of vegetable soup chosen.
3. Grease a heatproof dish or several small moulds with plenty of butter.
4.Pour in the mixture, place in a large shallow pan, pour in boiling water to come about halfway up the side and cook over a low heat for 12-15 minutes until the mixture sets, making sure the water barely simmers.
5.Remove from the heat, leave to cool, then turn out the royale and cut into squares. Heat the remaining stock, then ladle into a soup tureen and garnish with the royales.

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