150 ml/'/4 pint double cream
100 g/3/2 oz Gorgonzola cheese, diced
100 g/3/2 oz fontina cheese, diced
100 g/3/2 oz provoione cheese. diced
1 tabiespoon chopped celery leaves pinch of freshly grated nutmeg
16 small puffs
salt and white pepper


1.Divide the cream equally among 3 smali saucepans.
2. Add the Gorgonzola to one pan, the fontina to another and the provolone to the third.
3.In turn, melt the cheeses into the cream over a low heat, stirring constantly
4.Season with salt before removing each pan from the heat.
5.Stir the celery leaves into the Gorgonzola mixture, a pinch of white pepper into the fontina and the nutmeg into the provolone mixture.
6.Make a slit in the puffs and fill with the 3 cheese mixtures.
7.Serve piled into a pyramid shape.

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