60 g butter, at room temperature
30 g icing sugar
1 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract
100 g all-purpose flour
1 egg white
15 edible flowers
1 tablespoon(s) granulated sugar


1.Beat the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract for 3 minutes in a mixer on high speed, using the paddle attachment, until light and fluffy.
2.Lower speed to medium and add the flour. Beat for 2-3 minutes, until completely incorporated.
3.Transfer mixture to a sheet of plastic wrap. Wrap it well and refrigerate the cookie dough for 30 minutes so that it can rest.
4.Preheat oven to 170* C (338* F) Fan.
5.Remove cookie dough from refrigerator and remove wrap.
6.Lay out a sheet of parchment and dust with some flour. Place the cookie dough over it and lightly dust with flour.
7.Cover with a second sheet of parchment and roll out to a sheet that is 0.5 cm thick.
8.Use a 5 cm round cookie cutter and cut out 15 discs.
9.Use a spatula to transfer each cookie to a baking pan lined with parchment paper, making sure to leave enough space between them.
10.Brush each cookie with some egg white.
11.Place an edible flower over each cookie and brush with egg white again.
12.Sprinkle with granulated sugar and bake for 8-10 minutes.
13.When ready, remove baking pan from oven and allow cookies to cool for 40 minutes on a wire rack. The more they cool, the more they will harden.
14.Serve cold.

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