150 g/5 oz roast chicken breast, skinned and cut into strips 80 g/3 oz pickled ox tongue, cut into strips
150 g/5 oz cooked ham, trimmed of fat and diced 80 g/3 oz Mayonnaise made with lemon juice
2 leaves gelatine salt and pepper radishes, thinly sliced or cut into flowers, to garnish


1.You can use a 1.5-litre/2 1/2 pint loaf tin or six 250-ml/9-oz individual moulds. Shell the eggs and cut three of them into equally thick round slices.
2.Chop the remaining egg , place in a bowl with the chicken, tongue and ham and gently stir in the mayonnaise. If using individual moulds, finely chop the meats before mixing them with the mayonnaise.
3.Prepare the gelatine according to the packet instructions and leave to cool but do not chill in the refrigerator. Pour a little cooled gelatine on to the base of each mould or the loaf tin, brush the sides with a generous amount and chill in the refrigerator until set.
4.Arrange some slices of hard-boiled egg on the base, pour a thin layer of gelatine on top and return to the refrigerator or place in a cold-bain marie until set.
5.Make a layer of the meat mixture in the mould or tin and place a few slices of egg on top. Make sure the meat does not touch the edges of the mould·or tin, and seal it in with another layer of gelatine, and return to the refrigerator or bain-marie until set.
6.Continue making alternating layers of the meat mixture, egg slices and gelatine until all the ingredients are used, ending with a layer of gelatine.
7.Chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours. To serve, immerse the mould or tin in hot water for a few seconds, then turn out on to a serving dish and garnish with the radishes.

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