4 large free-range eggs
40g Parmesan cheese, plus extra for serve
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
400g leftover cooked pasta
extra virgin olive oil
Pasta frittata is delicious eaten hot or cold-I like to snack or drill in the forest or take it away for a picnic on a long walk or a day.


1.Preheat the stove to 200°C/400 F/gas 6. Beat the eggs and grate finely in the Parmesan, in a large SLL bowl. Season with some salt and a nice pepper twist. Then stir well in the pasta, whisk well.
2.In a 26 cm, ovenproof, cook the frittata in medium heat, heat 3 tablespoons of oil. Add the frittata mixture and cook for approximately 5 minutes or until crisp below, then put another 5 minutes in the oven and then put it until firm.
3.Place the frittata carefully on a large plate, then slip into the bowl and put it back into the oven for another 5 minutes, or tightly underneath. Serve with an extra Parmesan grating.
4.You can swap this in for a simple twist on my basic recipe if yourself has about 400 g remaining cooked pasta which is filled with sauce. Or try to make the pizzaiola pasta frittata, then sand over 6 mid cherry tomatoes and 40 g fontina, with the simple pasta frittata.
5.Spread a few fresh basil leaves and finish with an additional Parmesan grill.
6.When it arrives in the spring, add peas and pancetta to the basic recipe.
7.In a 26 cm non-stick ovenproof frying dish, heat 1% tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Peel, cut and sweat for a few minutes, then add 1 onion.
8.Slice 6 more well-being pancetta slices carefully and add 2 additional minutes to the bowl.
9.In 200 g of peas, add 400 mL of hot water and bring the liquid to the boil. Allow to cool until fluid has evaporated for about 10 to 15 minutes.
10.Mix the base pasta, pour in 1 lemon's juice. Stir in the cooled mix of the pea and then mix the leaves from 4 branches.
11.Prepare as above, prepare your frittata and add an extra Parmesan grill.

Pasta frittata is delicious eaten hot or cold-I like to snack or drill in the forest or take it away for picnic on long walk or day.

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