sea salt
1x pasta dough
3 springs of fresh mint, leaves picked
200g quality ricotta cheese
1 large free-range egg yolk
2% unwaxed lemons
30g Parmesan cheese, plus extra to serve
200g unsalted butter, cubed
8 springs of fresh mint, leaves picked
200ml hot organic vegetable stock
Sardinian culurzones are a difficult shape to master, but if you want anything simpler, you can use this filling into any other filled pasta.


1.To fill the filling with ricotta, egg yolk and zest from 11⁄2 lemons thickly chop the mint leaves and put them in a pan. Squeeze in a lemon juice, then sprinkle finely with salt on the Parmesan. Split the mixture in tandem with your hands (it must be quite hrm).
2.Dust your surface with flour in order to roll the pasta (make room!). Divide the pasta dough in four sections, fatten it with your hands and roll it across a pasta machine as large as possible.
3. Keep rolling your pasta through the machine until you reach the number 1 and your dough is almost wafer thin (cover the rolling sheets with a damp tea towel).
4.Cut each sheet into squares of 10 cm, then fill 1 teaspoon at each angle. Hold the plate with your hand, fold it up to cover the pan, fold it from the right, move it over the pan with the nail to make a platter, and repeat from the left side.
5.Go on until the dough fills and as you see from the photos you have developed a plaited shape. Only pinch the dough over the camera. Repeat to the peak of 16.
6.Mash the sauce in a large frying pot over medium heat and add the butter, mint leaves, hot stock and juice from the other two lemons. Add salt gently and cook for approximately 12 minutes or until halved.
7.Meanwhile in a large bowl of boiling salt water, cook the culurzones until they get to the ground, then use a slotted spoon.
8.Throw thoroughly over the heat for a minute, then add a good parmesan grid and divide between the sheets. Serve, if you like, with extra Parmesan grating and a lemon zest.

Sardinian culurzones are difficult shape to master, but if you want anything simpler, you can use this filling into any other filled pasta.

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