400 g/14 oz spinach 1 sprig fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped
6 fresh basil leaves, chopped 1 shallot, chopped 6 eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil salt and pepper


1.Cook the spinach, in just the water clinging to the leaves after washing, for 5 minutes, then drain well, squeezing out as much liquidas possible, and chop.
2.Place in a clean pan over a low heat for 1-2 minutes to drive off excess water, then remove from the·heat and add the parsley, basil and shallot. Lightly beat the eggsin abowl with 1tablespoon water and season with salt and pepper. Stir in the spinach mixture.
3.Heat the olive oil in anon-stick frying pan, pour in the egg mixture and cook over amedium heat, stirring constantly.
4.When the mixture is green and soft, remove thepan from the heat, leave to stand for 2 minutes, then transfer toawarm serving dish and serve immediately.

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