350 ml/12 fl oz dry white wine 1 bay leaf 1 clove garlic
1 clove 1 sprig fresh flat-leaf parsley 1 celery stick
1 onion, sliced 1 carrot, sliced 675 g/1 1⁄2 lb hake or cod fillet 50 g/2 oz bread, crusts removed 175 ml/6 fl oz milk
25 g/ 1 oz butter 300 g/11 oz small raw prawns, peeled 3 tablespoons sherry
1 large vol-au-vent case, about 15-20 cm/6-8 inches 1 egg, lightly beaten plain flour, for dusting
200 ml/7 fl oz Bechamel Sauce salt and pepper


1.Pour 2 litres/3 1⁄2pints water into a large saucepan, add the wine, bay leaf, garlic, clove, parsley, celery, onion and carrot and bring to the boil.
2.Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes, then season with salt and pepper and add thehake or cod.
3.Cover and simmer for 20 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave to cool in the stock. Preheat the oven to 150°C/300°F/Gas Mark 2.
4. Tear the bread into pieces, place in a bowl, add the milk and leave to soak for 1Ominutes, then squeeze out. Melt the butter in afrying pan, add the prawns and cook for 2 minutes.
5.Sprinkle in the sherry and _cook until it has evaporated. Season with salt and pepper, remave the pan from the heat and keep warm.
6.Place the vol-au-vent case on a baking sheet in the oven to warm through. Drain the fish , reserving the stock, flake coarsely and pass through a food mill into a bowl. Add the soaked bread and the egg, season with salt and pepper and mix well.
7. Shape the mixture into balls and dust lightly with flour, shaking oft any excess.Strain the fish stock into aclean pan and bring to the boil.
8.Add the fish balls and remove with a slotted spoon as they float to the surface. Drain, dry on kitchen paper and arrange in the vol-au-vent case.
9.Top with the prawns and spoon in the bechamel sauce. Serve immediately.

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