3 pounds (1.36 kg) of seville or bitter oranges (6 to 12 oranges, depending on the size of the oranges)
6 to 8 cups water
2 lemons - 1 regular lemon and 1 Meyer lemon
5 to 6 cups white granulated sugar (or more to taste)


1.Scrub the oranges clean: Discard any that are damaged or soft.
2.Cut the oranges in half and juice them: As you juice the oranges, save the seeds. Put the seeds into a separate bowl and set them aside. You will use the seeds to make natural pectin for the marmalade
3.Cut the peels into narrow strips: Taking a clean juiced orange half rind, use a spoon to dig out segment membranes still attached to the inside. Put a few of these in with the seeds (segment membranes will also provide pectin).
4.Juice the regular lemon and add this juice to the orange peels and juice: Save the seeds for making pectin.
5.Prep the Meyer lemon: Cut the Meyer lemon in eighths, lengthwise. Remove the seeds and as much of the inner membranes as you can easily remove. Cut the lemon segments crosswise into triangular pieces. (See the steps in the Meyer lemon marmalade recipe for photo descriptions.) Add the cut Meyer lemon to the measuring cup with the oranges. Add the Meyer lemon seeds to the Seville orange seeds and membranes. You should have 5 to 6 cups combined, of citrus peels and juices.
6.Put seeds into cheesecloth or muslin bag: Put the citrus seeds and membranes into 4 layers of cheesecloth, tied up tightly with string, or into a muslin jelly bag. (I made a "pectin bag" which I use for making marmalade, by sewing up piece of plain muslin cloth into a bag with a drawstring at the end.)

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