250 g baby potatoes
300 g mixed vegetable salad
1 tablespoon(s) thyme, fresh, only the leaves
1 tablespoon(s) capers
1 tablespoon(s) olives, cut into rounds
300 g salmon, smoked
400 g vinaigrette, homemade
6 eggs, hard boiled


1.Place a pot over medium heat. Add the baby potatoes to the pot and cover them with water. Boil them for 15-20 minutes, until they soften.
2.Strain the potatoes and place them in a bowl. Cut them in half. Season them with salt and pepper and set them aside to cool.
3.In a bowl, mix the salad, caper, thyme, olives, salmon, salt, pepper and the vinaigrette.
4.Mix so that the vinaigrette spreads evenly on the salad. Serve in a bowl.
5.Cut the eggs in half, season with salt and pepper and serve on top of the salad.
6.Check on the spices and serve.

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