1 sweet potato
1 tbsp ghee or avocado oil
4 large eggs
salt and pepper
fresh herbs
scallions or red onion
sesame seeds
hemp seeds
red pepper flakes or other spices


1.Spiralize the sweet potato. If spiralizing with the skin, make sure that it's thoroughly washed and scrubbed beforehand.
2.Use kitchen scissors to cut the sweet potato noodles into smaller lengths, which will help them form into nests.
3.Heat the ghee in a large pan on medium heat and add the sweet potato noodles. Use tongs to cook and toss the noodles for a couple of minutes, or until they've started to soften. Then, use your tongs to form them into individual nests with a little well in the middle.
4.Crack one egg on top of each sweet potato nest. Then, add a lid and cook the eggs until the whites are cooked and the yolks have reached your desired level of done.
5.Top the sweet potato egg nests with garnishes and serve immediately.

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