20g black truffle
200g tagliatelle
200ml hot organic vegetable stock
quality truffle oil
40g unsalted butter
20g Parmesan cheese, plus extra to serve
I was looking really for the truffle pasta, especially at Christmas, as it’s such a special treat. I like doing this just to see your great responses for friends that never truffled before. This is so sweet! It is so delicious!


1.Remove dirt from the truffle, then cut it very finely with a knife or grind.
2.In a large pot of boiling salty water cook tagliatelle until ready to dente. Put the hor stock over medium - high heat in a large frying pan.
3.Attach truffle oil and butter to a tablespoon and let melt and heat. Save the tagliatelle and attach to the sauce by reserving some of the cooking water.
4.Put the heat well until it's lovely and bright, and if required, loosen the cooking water.
5.Add half of the rasped truffle and grate in parmesan until you are deliciously creamy. Stir well over the sun.
6.Serve a special grill of Parmesan and a drozzle of truffle oil with the remaining truffle.

was looking really for the truffle pasta, especially at Christmas, as it’s such special treat. like doing this just to see your great responses for friends that never truffled before. This is so sweet! It is so delicious!

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