Below I will solve all your questions and reveal all my secrets to making the perfect homemade pizza for you.


  • Does the fridge help the pizza dough ripen?

This is very important! Knead the dough according to the recipe instructions and leave it in your fridge well covered, 1 to 2 nights. Then follow the procedure of blowing the dough properly.

You’ll see a huge difference in the dough and incredible taste in your homemade pizza.

  • How many days can pizza be stored in the refrigerator?
    The pizza dough can remain in the refrigerator as soon as it is kneaded for 3 days. It can remain in the freezer for several months.
  • Which flour is perfect for Italian pizza?
    Because, the perfect pizza wants very good flour. Strong, protein-rich, ideally it wants 00 (zero-to-zero) hard flour. If you find it difficult to use it, use flour or all-purpose flour.
  • How much does good kneading help?
    Knead the dough firmly on the bench with your hands. First you will enjoy it a lot and secondly you help develop the gluten mesh to make pizza dough elastic and fluffy. So you will have a great pizza dough.
  • How thick or thin should the pizza dough be?
    This is purely subjective.
  • What is the perfect pizza sauce?
    The best homemade pizza sauce is made with ripe peeled tomatoes, pure virgin olive oil and herbs. Its composition must be sufficiently dense. That is, it is boiled so that it reminds you of the ketchup texture, knit without running moisture and softening the crisp dough. Alternatively (if you are out of season) you can use whole peeled commercial tomatoes. They also give a very good result.
  • Smart solution for fast pizza
    I suggest you follow all the steps of the recipe: kneading, resting, folding.

Prepare the pizza dough (no ingredients on top), bake it for 3-5 in a strong oven and let it cool.

Once cooled (I would tell you to prepare more than one), wrap them one by one, very well in a food bag and place them in the freezer.

So each time you need pizza, take out the pre-made pizza dough, leave 5-10 ′ on the counter until the stuffing material is gathered, fill it with the ingredients you want and bake it.

  • Myths and truths about baking pizza in the home oven
    Remember that the very high temperature and the baking plate are what make the difference to the perfect homemade pizza dough.

If you do not have a baking plate, set your oven to its highest possible temperature, always in the up and down resistors. Place a baking tray over the bottom rack of the oven and allow it to burn well and create a pizza oven atmosphere.

Remember what you see when you go to an authentic Italian pizzeria! You always see Pizzaiolo touching the pizza on the burnt plate of the oven.

It is precisely these baking conditions we want to create. Pizza wants very good roasting mainly from below and less from above. Just like our traditional pies.

Bake your pizza like a pro
Never bake your pizza in the air. Why; Because you are just destroying it. The air bakes the pizza quickly and aggressively on the outside, giving it a quick color, while the inside does not bake properly.

If your oven is just baking in the air, fire a large frying pan on a high heat and rest your pizza in it. Bake for a few minutes to quickly get below freezing and finish baking in your oven in the air as it does not give you the option of baking with resistors.

  • How will pizza dough stay crisp?
    When removing the hot roasted pizza from the oven, transfer it to a wooden surface so that it absorbs all the moisture in the oven well and does not soften its well-oiled red base.

The pizza is eaten just like pizza Bianca or you can put it on, the ingredients you want, before going into the oven, but also after baking. In Italy, it is customary to add fine raw materials to a freshly baked dough.

For example, Bianca pizza is eaten plain and steamed, topped with good olive oil, a little bit of salt, rosemary and freshly ground pepper.

Personally, I like when it comes out of the oven, I put on top fresh brews (fresh butter with buttery flavor) or fresh mozzarella in pieces, a little prosciutto and crispy parmesan.

Enjoy the magic of pizza with the ingredients you love!

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